Bring the Noise

Noise-x Earplugs provide peace and quiet while traveling or when you need a great night’s sleep.



Our Wax Earplugs block out the noise when sleeping, flying, or simply to block out the noise wherever you are. Made from mouldable natural wax.


Foam Bullet Earplugs are our softest and smoothest earplug. Using polyurethane foam it creates very little pressure in the ear & effectively reduces noise.


Noise-x Foam Barrel Earplugs are based on the classic design and are great for sleeping, use on building sites, when flying or just to keep out noise.


Noise-x silicone multi purpose earplugs are perfect for blocking out noise and helping you get some sleep, they can help stop your ears popping when flying.


Our Adult Swimmers Earplugs. Made from Soft Silicone the graduated flanges create an excellent and watertight fit. Packed in a hard travel case.


Designed to keep water out of ears and are made from Soft Silicone so your child can swim with ease and confidence either in the sea or a swimming pool.

Find Noise-x Earplugs at your Local Pharmacy

Our earplugs are available in local pharmacies across the country.

You can also find them online at Amazon and Lloyds Pharmacy.

Our Customers Love Our Earplugs!

Absolutely the best earplugs I’ve ever used. I went a whole day without hearing one word from her!!!! Fantastic!

Absolutely the best earplugs I’ve ever used

– Karl

Stay put, block noise well, I use them for sleeping. they are the best foam earplugs I have tried. I would recommend.

Good ear plugs


Brilliant for keeping the snorer of the house out of my good nights sleep, easy to use , and washable too. All in all a great product. Thanks

No more disturbed nights

– Jim

I share my bedroom with a snoring man and a snuffling doggie and I REALLY need ear plugs to get a decent nights sleep. These are the only ones I will use. They are also very well priced.

I couldn’t sleep at all without these.

– monkey47

These were the first earplugs a tried, and always the ones I come back to, after trying other types I shall stick with these. Personally I think they are the best, and I have a tried a lot of different ones. These fit perfectly, moulding to the ear.

The best earplugs I have tried

– Becky B

These are the best earplugs i have ever used. Been using them for years. I am a light sleeper and they cut out most noise. I spend a lot of time in hotels and always help me get a good nights sleep.

Brilliant product.

– MC